Woodside Inn, Lower Parel

As the name suggests, this place is warm, and cozy, perfect for a quaint little get together with
friends or family. The ambiance pairs wonderfully with the delectable fare the place has to offer,
along with some of the best brews you can find in Lower Parel.

The Zoodio team covered the area with ease and expertise. Even though the restaurant was a
family dinner, at heart, the Zoodio team decided to provide it with the best of both worlds,
making it appealing to both sides of the generation gap. Keeping in mind the cozy ambiance of
the place, they hooked it up with the Martin Audio CDD8 speakers, and to still maintain a
youthful vibe, they paired it with the CSX112 bass.

The audio setup worked to provide one of the best dining experiences in town, along with
providing a subtle club-like feel, with the subliminal thumping of the bass.