Tre, Lower parel

Tre is a new addition to the ever-growing eclectic nightlife scene in Lower Parel. A fabulous
lounge-cum- Sheesha bar, it’s definitely a must visit, especially for younger people. A full-blown
bar service includes trendy custom cocktails, adding a desi twist to your classic European fare
with the addition of saffron, tea, mango, paan, and tamarind infusions.
A pure vegetarian menu with great food and even better drinks appeals to your taste buds.
Divided into two parts, a chic lounge, and a rooftop Sheesha bar, it’s a special place. The sheesha
bar has every flavor of hookah you could want. Add in the amazing sound system by Zoodio,
and you have a night to remember. The music gets you grooving with Martin audio CDD10 and
CDD8 speakers. The thumping bass is enhanced by the Dual S112.

We didn’t forget the rooftop sheesha bar, with the amazing Martin audio CDD5. Tre is a must
visit in Lower Parel, for a night filled with great food, drinks, sheesha, and most of all, great
music, courtesy of Zoodio.