Taste of Punjab,Vashi

Taste of Punjab is a wholesome dining setup meant for the entire family. The concept is to bring
everyone together and has a rich family experience.
The joint is quite sizeable, and easily accommodates a large number of people. This provides a
perfect venue for private parties and family gatherings. The fare is based on authentic Punjabi
cuisine. It displays live counters for tandoori and other genuine Punjabi dishes. This is emphasized
with the amazing decor of the place, with comfortable and cozy king-sized seating.
Taste of Punjab, Vashi, has been set up with a pair of Martin Audio Blackline X15 speakers for the
FOH. The audio is enhanced with the Martin Audio BlackLine X118 subwoofer, giving the place a
well-made punch through music. The wing and the loft are covered by Martin Audio Blacking
X8s, to take it to another level and match the ambiance of the place.
The outdoor dining area and the live food counters are handled by two pairs of Martin Audio
Blackline X10s while the Martin Audio Blackline X118 adds an extra oomph to the place.
Despite having such a top of the line setup, it remains incomplete without the amplification from
the Powersoft M 50q and M2.8q.