Su Casa, aptly named ‘your house’ comes with a great sense of warmth and intimacy, through
the European style of high ceilings, glass walls, and spaced out seating. The Al-fresco dining
area, perfected with a lush vertical garden, gives you a refreshing experience, which rivals
restaurants in Delhi and Bangalore as well.

The music and ambiance needed to be just right to enrich the dining experience when it came to
this project. The Zoodio team covered the site with weatherized cc10 speakers. The inner bar
with its ho-hum house music, and black and white film projection, bring to mind the early
The 2000s, installed with the Martin Audio XD12. All of this is brought together by the S218 plus,
used for just the right bass.

Su Casa is a must visit for a relaxing late brunch. The food and the decor, coupled with the audio
provided by Zoodio, leave you with an unforgettable experience, housed in the well known
Bombay Art society, in Bandra.