Sacred Heart Church,Vashi

Sacred Heart Church in Vashi was built in the year 1993. Having been built so long ago, the installed sound system matched the best of the period. It included speakers and Ahuja amplifiers.  However, the congregation has grown quite a bit in the past 22 years. The old speakers were unable to cope with the needs of the time, with the quality of sound becoming sub-par and the crowds not being able to hear what was being said.  The sound system could not be revived no matter how many attempts were made through the years, failing at every try.

Tired of all the issues, the Zoodio team was consulted in order to set up an all new sound system. We at Zoodio received and went through the requirements that were put forth by the priest as well as the community, and got to work immediately. We decided that the best course of action would be to use the Martin Audio Blackline X series of speakers, as they fit the budget and are quite low maintenance themselves.

Being an old church, the design was developed for specific acoustics which posed a tough issue for us, but we overcame it with the best possible results. Rev  Fr. Baptist Viegas, the Assistant Parish Priest even commented on the new installation saying that he enjoyed conducting masses a lot more now that he could hear himself clearly at the altar. The Blackline X  Series by  Martin  Audio combined with the Crown amplification provided for impeccable sound quality in the church, making it sound better than ever and helping spread the word of Christ.