Rude Lounge

A wonderful combination of great music, great food, and a great view, Rude Lounge is currently one of the best places to hang out in Powai. Situated in a business park, the massive outdoor balcony space, with a gorgeous view of the Powai Mountains, posed a number of difficult jobs for the Zoodio team.

Being in an office area, care had to be taken, such that the other occupants of the building were not disturbed. The huge space was daunting at first, but the Zoodio team covered it with ease. To maintain a club-like feel, the Martin Audio Blackline was used in this installation. This let music has the same high clarity, even when played at a lower volume. The speaker placement and angles were perfected, to cover the entire space, while simultaneously providing an even volume level and sound quality throughout.

Although this project seemed scary at first, it was a piece of cake for the experienced professionals at Zoodio.