Royal Oak Brewery, Vashi

If one is looking for a drink, this watering hole is the one they should look out for, anywhere near Vashi. This brewery boasts of a commendable line up of beverages, also featuring some of its home brews, which are crowd pleasers, to say the least.


The ambiance is top notch and never fails to provide an unforgettable experience, every time, to newcomers and regulars alike. Complete with a chill ambiance, and matching decor, the Royal Oak Brewery also boasts of a fabulous audio setup by the Zoodio team.

Considering the small area, and the ambiance, the Zoodio team hooked it up with the F12 Plus speakers with supreme audio quality. In order to add to the feel, we also set up the dual AQ215 bass. This enhanced the already wonderful experience, and provided the patrons with impeccable sound quality, to accompany their beverages, taking it to the next level.