Jam Jar Diner, Bandra

Jam Jar Diner, hill road Jam Jar Diner already has a name for itself in Versova and now they’re in Bandra, to take over as the newest favorite all-day breakfast and coffee place. True to diner culture, it has a Jukebox right at its entrance. When you walk in, you’ll find three different sections. The first one with the bar, and two sections with dining spaces. It’s styled exactly like an American diner with booths, giving you the feeling that you’re on a road trip across North America. The decor has been kept simple with a classic pastel palette.

Jam Jar Diner has been installed with a JBL 25t speaker powered by crown amplification and has been teched to perfection by using the dbx Drive rack 260 crossover. The client did not want the audio to be loud and jarring, and he just wanted the place to have a subtle atmospheric feel of the music, perfect for having your breakfast. Although it needed versatility so that in the evenings, they could pump it up with some 80s Rock ‘n Roll using the rocket jukebox that it’s known for. Special care was taken so as to ensure that there is no decibel drop at different spots in the diner. The Zoodio team had a jam of a time working with the diner, with all the installations going smoothly!