Bar index, Thane

Bar Index is the hottest new lounge in Thane, drawing crowds from all over. It’s divided into
three sections with an outdoor smoking area where you can have your drinks, a compact yet
comfortable lounge, and a second-floor sheesha bar. The food and drinks are already amazing but
add to that the huge collection of flavored sheesha for the perfect weekend, or weeknight
getaway. Happy hours leave you happy indeed, with prices dropping down to ridiculously
unbelievable rates to keep you and your wallet satisfied.

The downstairs lounge area is the place to be so, Zoodio set it up with Martin Audio F10 plus.
The thumping beat was enhanced with the SUB S18. The upstairs Sheesha bar was hooked up
with CDD 10 and SUB S15 plus, to deliver supreme sound quality. A CDD5 keeps the party going

Zoodio decided on Martin Audio gear for the entire set up, in order to ensure perfect clarity and
audio quality.